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Azarba Home Plans

The house is 900 square meters, located in a 5000 square meters garden and surrounded by streets on three sides.
It is located between the Germany and Turkish Embassies.

The house was planned to be three units under the same roof with internal connection between the units. A large unit for the parents and two units for daughters. The ground floor is covered by a R.C. solid structure and the second floor has a wooden structure with finished wood on

the interior ceiling.
The roof is in terracotta (coppi) with copper water

props ending to down spots in copper.
The stone base around the exterior walls shaped to protect the outside walls from water leaks and naturally avoid walking close to the exterior walls.

The entrance of the house is from the car parking access into the kitchen and a corridor leads to the other rooms.

The windows have 8mm glass in a solid wood frame built with a custom design made for this house.

The terracotta roof was recovered from an old house in Northern Iran (Lahijian) and it was transported and applied to this house. Each room has its own unique styled bathroom.

For example the bathroom for one sister is in pink and has floor to ceiling ceramic tiles.

The tall windows and high ceilings required a heavy duty heating system that consisted of aluminum elements that surrounded the windows like a thin frame.


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