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Bandar Abbas TV Center Complete Plans

This radio –TV Center was the first operating center in Iran.

Although it was the hottest period of the year, (July- August), the production and transmission building was finished in the summer of 1968 in record time of only 60 days.

Three facts motivated me to choose the Design Concept: Location, Climate, Time limit.

The location: the Southern most distant point of the Persian Gulf shore.

The climate: The hottest time of the year when the temperature was 45 C and the humidity was + 90 %.

The time limit: the time constraint was 60 days.

As an architect, I took this project as a unique challenge and opportunity to experience designing directly on the job site and starting the building with sketches! Spontaneous decisions on Architecture and structure was an experience I always sought!

the inspiration for the main architectural concept was to satisfy local atmospheric conditions, which led to thick exterior walls , the minimal openings and the overall height of the building.

The walls measuring 70 to 100 cm in thickness were constructed 50 cm in height at a time and consisted of three layers:

1) 20cm brick walls

2) 30 - 35 cm of dry stone wall

3) concrete between layers 1 and 2

When completed, the maximum diameter of conic domes was 14 meters.

The building proceeded with three shift of work per day to meet the 60 day deadline for completion of the production and transmission center.

The team of architects and engineers worked manually side by side With the workers love and passion. I never had such an experience again!


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