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Villa Botalla (Borgofranco) 1962

The design and the construction of the house was completed in seven months.

The house is a three story building: the ground floor at garden level where, at the entrance, there is a suit for the “Grand Ma” of the family. The first floor for day living, consisting of a former living room, former dining room, family room, kitchen and pantry plus a workroom and study.

The second floor is for night life and has a master suite: master bed, dressing room, a two section bathroom with limited seating area.

Two other bedrooms for two sisters with bathroom and closets and an isolated room, for the time of disagreement between them!!!
The structure is in R.C. with steel columns.

The roof is of wood construction; finish wood inside and covered with stone slates and copper down spots. The shade screens on the big windows are made by two crossed wood strips in such way to allow visibility

from inside out and no visibility from outside–in.
The shade screens are mounted on rails to allow

The balconies overhang from the steel columns and

are enclosed with metallic railings.


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