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Pacific Bay House 1994

The land is subject to water infiltration, with consequent land movements and slides.
This was the main reason to design and implement substantial land preparations for an adjustable foundation. These preparations consisted in creating solid concrete pads on which hydraulic jacks were installed in the event of soil movements.

Jacking pads in solid concrete with reinforcement steel bars.

Compacted gravel ad a rich reinforcement creating several grade beams were applied to the top of the jacking pads.

In the event of land slides; hydraulic jacks were placed in predetermined locations in order to adjust the house to its original position.

A steel structure was used in the case of land slides to maintain the house›s wooden frame from collapsing. The wood framing was bolted to the steel structure.

Several «Hold downs» connected the wood structure to the steel structure.

Concrete pads and grade beams were constructed from reinforced concrete.

The organization of the construction allowed for the completion of steel structure in one day (8 hours).

The architect led the effort for the construction and completion of the adjustable foundation, the steel structure and the wooden structure.

After this stage, the completion of the building was turned over to other architects and engineers.


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